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Innovations in Nonwovens: Versatility is the Key
Adrian Wilson

The applications for nonwovens continue to expand immensely due to the wide range of functional performance properties it is possible to engineer into them. From single-use, disposable products to durable and hard-wearing components for many industries, the flexibility of nonwoven fabrics ensures that they have a central role in life today.

Emerging Trends in Sustainable Packaging Textiles
Pooja Bhatt Jaspreet Kaur

The packaging textiles or packtech is a sector of technical textiles which includes packaging materials used for agriculture, industrial, consumer and other products. The packaging of the goods has certain purposes like physical protection, information transmission of the product to the customers, marketing, barrier protection and security.

Preparation of Nanocellulose from Jute Fibres & its Applications as Fillers in Nanocomposite Package Films

Objective of the research is to prepare the nanoscale cellulose powder from waste fibres by ball milling process. And to study the reinforcement of obtained nanocellulose in the packaging applications for PLA, PVA, etc type of biodegradable polymers.

Investment Opportunities in Leno Bag Business

Leno bags offer ideal packaging solution for fruits and vegetables with respect to shelf life, hygiene, branding and cost economics. India is the world's 2nd largest producer of fruits & vegetables. There is a huge demand and potential market for Leno Bag usage in India (~81 KTA) corresponding to 2700 Leno Looms.

Technical Textiles - Role of Standards

The global consumption of technical textiles is expected to grow from USD 92 bn in 2000 to USD 127 Bn by 2010 at the rate of 4.8 % per annum. Presently major producers of technical textiles are in developed countries out of which USA, Europe and Japan comprise about 70 %.

Technical Textiles And Their Applications
O.L. Shanmugasundaram

Today it's needed to adopt a different approach to textiles; fabrics have to be regarded not only just as a surface, to be interpreted graphically, but as a material to all intents and purposes, with its own intrinsic structure and performance. In the sector of technical textiles there are a large number of niches and products.

Investment Opportunities for Technical Textiles Industry
Sampath Kasirajan

It is billed as the next biggest opportunity emerging in India. Estimates range from Rs. 6000 crores to Rs.80000 Crores by year 2015. Without getting into a debate of how accurate these estimates are, it is fair to say that India has the potential to feed this number on its own. The government believes so

Coated fabrics for soft luggage & protective garments
B.S. Pancholi, S R Naik

Surat is known for manufacturing of synthetic and man-made fibre fabrics and produces approximately 50% of synthetic/man-made fibre fabrics manufactured by the entire powerloom industry in India. As far as machinery &

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