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Technological Innovations in Medical Textiles
Elizabeth Miller

The world of textiles in medical technology goes far deeper than bandages and masks. As more biodegradable and environmentally friendly artificial fibres make their way to the market, manufacturers of medical textiles should evaluate their utility in a single-use environment. The future of medicine is fibrous, intertwining with healing and wellness.

Sustainability Challenges for Nonwovens Industry

Nonwoven materials are gaining popularity across multiple industries due to their lightness and ability to protect against microorganisms. However, sustainability concerns have arisen due to the disposable nature of nonwovens and their potential for environmental pollution. Manufacturers are now diversifying into greener ranges, including bio-based versions.

Emerging Trends in the Microencapsulation in Cosmetic Textiles
Prabhjot Kaur Pooja Bhatt

The technological advancement and increasing awareness of skincare has led to the development in the field of cosmetic textiles. Customers are demanding microencapsulated fabrics to enhance their skincare, and the technique has been used in scented scarves, handkerchiefs, scented and anti-bacterial towels, bedsheets, upholstery fabrics etc.

Global Trade Trends in Nonwovens and the Future

Nonwoven fabrics have unique properties and performance. The nonwoven products market is currently experiencing steady growth, but it must adapt to ongoing changes in the global economy, the availability of raw materials, and the evolving preferences of consumers. So, extensive research is needed on the economic factors associated with nonwoven production.

Classification and Importance of Medical textiles
Pooja Bhatt Anita Rani Jaspreet Kaur

The textiles used for medical purposes is usually referred to as medical textiles. The introduction of medical textiles was due to the use of textiles in the field of medical technology. The impetus for need of medical textiles has arisen due to increasing population of elderly people and economic advancement in the developed and developing countries.

The Future of Nonwoven Fabric
David Birnbaum

Nonwoven fabric is perhaps the textile industry’s most important new development in generations. Going forward, those who commit the time, effort and the capital will be the future industry leaders. However, except for China, it is difficult to think of any government that will provide the necessary funds to invest in the textile industry.

Medical Textiles: Types and Applications
Lipsa Mohapatra

Medical Textiles is a branch of technical textiles that has wide application in the medical sciences. Such textiles are more known for their technical properties rather than aesthetic values. These textiles have a wide range of application in the medical field, especially to provide safety, comfort, and help to heal and reduce pain of the patients.

China likely to keep market share in wound care intact

Bandages have a small share in medical textiles market but are very crucial in healthcare. Wound care costs are expected to accelerate as average age of population increases, increasing demand for bandages. Supply for bandages will increasingly come from China/Chinese companies as European markets have gradually ceded their market shares. An analysis.

Authentication Ecosystem Needed to Control Counterfeiting
Hemant Sapra

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to the need of manufacturing PPE kits in large quantities for workers. As India leads the way by becoming one of the major producers of PPE, the role of counterfeit manufacturers, who are trying to capitalise on the situation, is also on the rise. Since the time the novel coronavirus infection was declared global pandemic

Innovative medical bandages for wound healing process
Oinam Roselyn Devi

Textiles have been used in almost different sectors beyond imagination and the medical sector is one of them. Medical textiles are one of the most important and major growth areas within the technical textiles industry. A number of applications ranging from simple bandage to 3-D scaffolds have been used as medical products for a large variety of diseases.

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