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New Sustainable Fibres for Technical Textiles
Oinam Roselyn Devi

The domestic technical textiles market is projected to reach ?2,00,823 crore by 2020-21. o keep up with the growth and focus on more environment-friendly fibres, textile companies are developing fibres out of recycled materials and natural sources for technical textiles. However, the use of textiles is considerably more diversified and hi-tech.

Fiberglass Wool Insulation for PEB
New Cloth Market

Now days many textile players prefer Pre Engineered Building (PEB) Systems - a complete package of low rise steel buildings manufactured and delivered to the site by a single supplier. The package comprises of rigid structural steel, cladding system and building accessories. Though the concept is simple, PEBs are extremely diversified in their usage and uniqueness in each design. The...

Application of Technical Textiles: Conveyor Belts
Richa Tiwari, H. K. Singh & Kiran Yadav

This article contains an overall review of conveyor belt. It tells how conveyor belt developed, textile materials and structures used for manufacturing of conveyor belt and advantages of fabric conveyor belt over steel conveyor belt. Amongst the different fibres, the paper mainly highlights on Kevlar fibre which have excellent tensile and chemical resistant property.

Carpe Diem Technical Textiles

Carpe diem, the Latin aphorism literally means "seize the day". Technical textiles sector has to seize the opportunities presented before it. In particular, Indian technical textiles sector is in a better state with a greater push and support from the government. Three major events have taken place in India in recent months

Overview & Applications of Composite Textiles
Manisha Kathwate

Composites can be defined as a combination of dissimilar materials to perform a task that neither of constituent materials can perform alone. Generally the composites are made up of the reinforced materials (textile performs) and Matrix (binder). Applications of composites are steadily increasing with advancement in technology and are replacing metal and metal alloys.

Flexible Coated Textiles as Supercapacitors

Energy storage devices like batteries and supercapacitors are playing a prominent role in meeting our global energy management for greener and more energy balanced world.

Value-Added Textiles - A Snap Shot

Value-added textiles or technical textiles is a growth sector around the world. In developing nations such as China and India, this sector's growth is in double digits.

Application of Nonwoven in Filtration

In all the manufacturing industries, filtration is an important process in separating the unwanted dust particles during the process. Textile materials play a vital role in the industrial filters.

Application of Plasma Technology in Textile: A Nanoscale Finishing Process

Textile materials have intrinsic properties that make them very valuable, flexible, lightweight, strong, large surface to volume ratio, good touch, softness, etc. Because of this, they are excellent for imparting additional functionalities like hydrophobic, oleo phobic or antibacterial. Traditional wet methods for applying these finishes require the use of large amounts of chemicals,...

Coating of Technical Textiles
Michael E Hall

In this article, we will deal with the chemistry of coatings and their application to various coated technical textiles that ate in use. It will leave the reader to make use of the many excellent reviews, which are referenced in this article, for details of individual items.

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