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It’s Alive! A New World of Living Textiles

In the world of fast fashion, items of clothing are not given very much respect. Most consumers have so much of it, that one single item simply isn’t assigned very much value. Without a high level of engagement in textiles, clothing waste becomes, for the most part, a painless act. Clothing is discarded when it is no longer in good condition

The Evolution Of Material And Design: New Path Towards 3D Printed Fashion - WTVOX Research Impact
Rueen Amiriara

The Future Of 3D Printed Materials And Design - This WTVOX Research Impact presents a new path towards 3D printed fashion, through transformations that affect both, materials and design.

Understanding smart clothing
Annu Kumari

The primary function of smart clothing is to sense external or a given stimuli and to respond accordingly. Stimuli can be in the form of electromagnetic radiation-ultra-violet (UV), visible or infra-red (IR); chemicals like moisture and ions; mechanical energy like pressure, break and twist. Response can be linked to shape-swelling or shrinking.

Introduction to e-clothing
Annu Kumari

Clothing is no more a draped material over human body for protecting it from weather conditions. It has many more functions: a status symbol, beautifying agent, personality developer and in an era of smart clothing, it can also be a fitness guide, caretaker and a multitasking device. Smart clothing is different from basic clothing in terms of the functions.

Designing for Future Textile - Challenges of Hybrid Practices
Zane Berzina

The potential of the future for both science and design lies in a multidisciplinary approach. Disciplines are merging, boundaries are melting and technologies are not significant when looked at in isolation, but become of critical importance when coupled with other technologies.

Evaluating the Anti Odor Property of Herbal Oils
R. Geethadevi and V. Maheshwari

In this current study three herbal oils of Cypress oil, Orange oil, Juniperberry oil which were screened for their anti odor efficiency by finishing on three fabrics Bamboo 100%, Tencel 100% and Bamboo/Tencel 50/50. The fabrics finished with these oils are assessed for anti odor property by organoleptic test. The result showed that the Cypress oil has a high interpreted value for all...

Ultra Violet Protection Property of Bamboo & Cotton Fabric

Ultra violet protection properties of knitted bamboo & cotton fabric produced in single jersey and rib structure were discussed. Yarns of 40 Ne 100% bamboo and 100% cotton were used for producing these fabric samples.

Wearable Sunscreen

Some amounts of ultraviolet radiation are beneficial for humans but excessive exposure can cause many negative health effects to the skin and eyes and also can affect the immune system.

Role of Elastane in Apparel World

Elastane also known with its trade names, Lycra, Spandex, Dorlastan etc is a synthetic fiber. Elastane fibers have properties that are not present in nature, the most important being its exceptional elasticity.

Clothing Comfort : Theories and Principles

Clothing is an integral part of human life. The primary role of the clothing is to form a layer(s) of barriers that protect the body against unsuitable physical environment.

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