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Nonwoven Fabrics: Durable or Disposable?
Adrian Wilson

While the period since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has not been without difficulty for any business, nonwoven manufacturers serving the markets for disposable products have generally fared better than those providing more durable products – and in some fields received a significant boost. In fact, single-use products have made all the gains.

A Promising Future

The Indian technical textiles sector has immense potential to grow both domestically as well as globally. Backed by government initiatives and support, India can emerge as a global manufacturing hub for technical textiles in the future. A Fibre2Fashion report. It is a massive market that remains overshadowed by its conventional cousin.

Geotechnical and geo synthetic textiles surging ahead in India
Munish Tyagi

Manufacture of geotextiles started in India in 1985-86. Munish Tyagi takes an informed look at the road travelled since then. The landscape for geotextiles looks optimistic. It is marked by major players like Garware Wall Ropes, Technofab India, Kusumgar Projects and others including Strata GeoSystems and Skaps Industries. Some of these players have started providing design...

India holds huge potential for geo-textiles
Sudha Passi

<em>In view of their special technical attributes, geo-technical textiles or geo-textiles are being increasingly used globally to address dangers to infrastructure caused by degradation and natural disasters. In India, too, geo-textiles are gaining greater acceptability, and with the government setting aside ?427 crore for use of geo-textiles between 2015 and 2019, prospects for the...

Selection of Fiber for Geotextiles
Mazharul Islam Kiron

Different fibers from both natural as well as synthetic category can be used as geotextiles for various applications.

Engineering Use of Textiles in Geotextile

Geotextiles used in civil engineering applications are expected to carry out one or more functions over if given design life.

Testing Of Technical Textiles

The term quality is somewhat intangible in its definition since it will mean different things to different people or even different companies involved in the manufacture or use of the textile item.

Experimental Results on the Hydraulic Properties of Sewn Joints of the Geotextile for Filtration and Drainage Applications

In geotechnical engineering applications, the method of joining of geotextiles by appropriate seam is one of the most important issues to deal with.

Futuristic in Technical Textile

Textiles are no more limited for use as apparels clothing. With the rapid changes in the social economic structure of our society, textiles enhancing the quality of human life trough protection against various hazards as well as adverse environment. Technical textiles are the fastest growing area of textile consumption in

Development of Coir & Polypropylene Needle Punched Fabrics

Of the various known methods of converting textile fibres into a fabric, production of needle-punched fabrics has gained immense popularity among the technical textiles market including geotextiles.

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