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Pic: TenCate Protective Fabrics
TenCate launches PBI Peak5 at AFAC 2023 in Brisbane

22nd Aug 2023

TenCate Protective Fabrics unveils its fire service outer shell, PBI Peak5, at the AFAC conference in Brisbane. The lightweight 180gsm construction offers improved comfort and mobility for firefighters, while patented Enforce technology enhances durability. The launch provides a platform to introduce PBI Peak5 to key stakeholders in the APAC region.

Pic: Carrington
UK’s Carrington Textiles & Pincroft to debut at DALO Industry Days

11th Aug 2023

Carrington Textiles and Pincroft will make their debut appearance at The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) Industry Days event on August 23-24. Carrington will showcase its new stretch military ripstop fabric, Spartan HT Flex Lite, while Pincroft will present its non-skin contact vector protection technology.

The PExTex spacesuit concept. Pic: European Space Agency
ESA targets microbe resistance in moon spacesuits with PExTex project

2nd Aug 2023

The ESA and Austrian Space Forum are leading the PExTex project to design spacesuits for the moon’s extreme environment. This includes innovations like high-strength Twaron material, withstanding 2,500 hours of surface use, and a focus on preventing harmful microbial growth. The BACTeRMA project also explores secondary metabolites for antimicrobial ...

Pic: OETI - Institut fuer Oekologie, Technik und Innovation GmbH
OETI expands PPE portfolio with purchase of German ECS

13th Jul 2023

OETI, a member of the Testex Group, has acquired ECS, a testing and certification company specialising in eye and face protection equipment. The acquisition expands OETI's service portfolio in the PPE sector. ECS will continue operating with its existing employees and location. The acquisition aligns with OETI's internationalisation strategy.

Stephanie Sciullo. Pic: PR Newswire
Stephanie L Sciullo to lead America’s business segment for MSA Safety

28th Jun 2023

Stephanie L Sciullo has been promoted to the position of president, MSA America at MSA Safety. She will be responsible for the company's business interests in the US, Canada and Latin America. Sciullo joined MSA in 2010 and has held various important roles within the company. She is expected to drive continued growth and execute the company's...

Pic: Shutterstock.com
Technical Textiles: India succeeds in protectives, yet room for growth

6th Jun 2023

Indian textiles industry has shown strong performance in technical textiles, replacing over 95 per cent of imported protective textiles. However, consumer trust in medical and automotive textile products remains low, leading to a reliance on imports. From Apr 2022 to Jan 2023, meditech exports increased 59 per cent and geotech textiles dropped 44...

Pic: Carrington Textile
UK’s Carrington develops multifunctional flame retardant fabric

1st Jun 2023

Carrington Textiles' development of Flamestat 250, a multifunctional flame retardant fabric with comfort as a priority, is a significant advancement in textiles. Combining the comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester is a notable achievement. Flamestat 250 meets multiple safety standards and provides protection against various hazards.

Pic: Business Wire
Raff Military Textile strengthens ties with Latin America

29th May 2023

Raff Military Textile's efforts to strengthen ties with Latin America, specifically in the field of exporting military textiles, align with Turkiye's strategic opening strategy towards the region. Raff's participation in the Turkiye-Colombia trade delegation indicates its commitment to exploring opportunities for collaboration and expansion in...

Pic: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
US’ AFRL-led team exploring synthetic muskox wool in military garments

16th May 2023

The AFRL is developing synthetic muskox wool (qiviut) military uniforms, with partners including Cornell University and Alaska’s Palmer Muskox Farm. The project aims to create a lighter and more sustainable textile with superior thermal insulation to traditional merino wool. The team is also investigating synthetic biology to replicate muskox wool...

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