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US' Enventys Partners collaborates with Nufabrx to develop HealthWear

10 Aug '23
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Pic: Nufabrx
Pic: Nufabrx


  • Nufabrx and Enventys Partners have announced that they have teamed up to introduce HealthWear, a groundbreaking platform technology that integrates medicine, wellness, and health benefits into clothing.
  • Nufabrx's patented smart-textile platform embeds active ingredients into garments, delivering therapeutic doses through body heat or moisture.
Nufabrx and Enventys Partners have announced a partnership to bring new innovation to people faster than ever before through HealthWear, a platform technology delivering medicine, health and wellness to consumers via clothing.

Nufabrx is the first company to deliver doses of medicine through clothing, creating an entirely new category called HealthWear. This patented, smart-textile platform puts active ingredients directly into textile products. Knitted into the composition of HealthWear, the finished garments consistently deliver small amounts of topical treatments to the skin that are activated by body heat and/or moisture. Garments built with HealthWear technology provide a therapeutic amount of treatment even after repeated uses, wears and launderings.

“Innovation is in our DNA, so partnering with a company like Nufabrx allows us to leverage our best-of-class product development and launch capabilities to create new products using the proprietary technology of Nufabrx and bring them to market to benefit consumers,” said the founder and chief executive of Enventys, Louis Foreman. “Their technology will create endless opportunities.”

HealthWear technology is reshaping the way consumers think about their clothing. Instead of buying a garment based on color, brand or size, it’s now about the health benefit people can achieve. HealthWear offers a range of benefits, like a topical analgesic-infused compression sleeve to reduce pain, shea butter infused yoga pants and antifungal socks. This newly formed partnership allows Nufabrx & Enventys Partners to bring this new technology to stores nationwide and internationally, more quickly and in various clothing formats, the company said in a press release.

"This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to bring innovative and beneficial products to consumers,” said Enventys Partners’ president and co-founder, Roy Morejon. “We're bringing together the best of both worlds - Nufabrx's groundbreaking HealthWear technology and our proven product launch process. This partnership is not just about creating new products, it's about enhancing lives and making wellness an effortless part of the everyday routine."

“Getting healthy has never been easier, just get dressed in the morning with your favorite vitamins, supplements and medications! The future of drug delivery is here today,” said Nufabrx CEO, Jordan Schindler. “We’re extremely excited to partner with a market leading innovator, Enventys Partners, to bring exciting and new game-changing HealthWear products to consumers faster than ever before!”

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