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Dual active ingredient nets ideal for countering global Malaria

26 Jun '23
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Pic: Vestergaard
Pic: Vestergaard


  • Dual active ingredient nets, like PermaNet Dual, provide improved protection against pyrethroid-resistant mosquitoes, according to Tie Lan, R&D head at Swiss firm Vestergaard.
  • The nets combine two modes of action, lowering resistance potential.
  • Vestergaard also aims to develop alternative dual nets for rotating use to minimise environmental impact.
Dual active ingredient nets offer an important step to counter the threat of malaria in regions with insecticide-resistant mosquitoes, according to Tie Lan, head of R&D at Vestergaard, a global health company known for its PermaNet long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to prevent malaria. Dual is a long-lasting insecticidal net that provides the protection against pyrethroid-resistant mosquitoes.

Nets with dual active ingredients kill mosquitoes more effectively by combining two different modes of action. For instance, PermaNet Dual offers the combination of an insecticide with a nerve target, such as pyrethroids, with the insecticide chlorfenapyr that disrupts energy production. With the likelihood of mosquitoes being resistant to both ingredients greatly reduced, dual ingredient nets offer an effective control of mosquito populations, Lan told Fibre2Fashion in an exclusive interview.

Speaking about maintaining the effectiveness of disease control textiles, Lan told F2F: “Vestergaard is also developing alternative dual active ingredient nets for possible rotating use with existing dual active ingredients. The rotation approach will reduce the environmental pressure of the insecticides, limiting the mosquito population’s exposure to a particular insecticide, and therefore slowing down the pace at which mosquitoes develop resistance.”

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