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Bringing Efficiencies Through Innovation

Written by: Sanjay Bakshi

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Nonwovens are integral components of today’s numerous consumer and industrial products. As the demand for these products continues to grow, the nonwovens also need to evolve constantly. While doing so, all stakeholders in nonwoven value chain-including manufacturers and their customers as well as researchers and technologists to end-consumers of the nonwoven products—have to remain socially and environmentally conscious and responsible too. Meeting social, environmental, technical and business goals together is indeed a difficult task. However, there are some global companies which have set examples by showcasing how all goals can be met and innovation be brought into nonwoven efficiencies. This feature discusses ten such companies and their recent innovations in various areas of their operations.


Ahlstrom Corporation (established in 1851 in Finland) and Munksjo Oyj (established in 1862 in Sweden) were merged into Ahlstrom-Munksjo in 2017. Both companies have roots in the forest industry but over the first decades, both developed into diversified conglomerates. In early 2000, both companies started to re-focus into fibres. Today, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Ahlstrom-Munksjo is a global leader in fibre-based materials that supply innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers.

The company reinforced its commitment to the PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) industry worldwide by launching its biggest-ever global range of sustainable release papers for silicone coating this April. The expanded and harmonised range contains three main product families and offers release papers based on sustainable, renewable fibres, spreading from 41 g/m2 up to 215 g/m2. Products feature various technologies and finishes to match any release liner application, even the most demanding and specified one.

The ACTI-V product family includes Supercalendered Glassine release papers based on proprietary technology, ensuring highest efficiency and reliability in silicone coating, the ACTI-V Industrial products, suitable for double side silicone coating, feature ideal dimensional stability for highly technical release liner applications. The other product family SILCA, primarily manufactured to suit the needs of North American markets, comprises Glassine and SCK (Super Calendered Kraft) release papers, as well as HPL (High Performance Liner) combining surface performance of Glassine and SCK.

On the other side, SILCO product familyincorporates Clay Coated (CCK) release papers for direct silicone coating aswell as machine-glazed and machine finished papers designed as a base for polycoating.Thus, global release papers range offers the right match for any PSA release linerapplication from PSA labelling to specialty tape, medical, industrial or PSA Graphicsapplications.

Beyond release liners for PSA applications,the company offers LamiBak silicone base papers specially designed andcertified for food contact and baking products as well as a selection of Glassine,SCK and CCK liners for use in the manufacturing of fibre composites materials.This product portfolio includes product options based on bleached, unbleachedand post-consumer recycled fibres as they are produced from renewable andresponsibly sourced natural fibres. Ahlstrom-Munksjo is one of the foundingmembers of CELAB (Toward a Circular Economy for Labels) – a global industrycoalition dedicated to building a sustainable self-adhesive labelling industryand creating greater circularity.

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