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A Novel Thermal Regulatory PCM Based Automotive Interior
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A Novel Thermal Regulatory PCM Based Automotive Interior

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PhaseChange Materials (PCMs) are receiving tremendous attention in textiles becauseof its thermo regulatory properties within a narrow range. Application of PCMsin automotive interiors is an evolving field. An attempt has been made toprepare a seat cover with PCM (n-octadacane) coated interlining and analyze itsthermo regulation properties both in static and dynamic modes. Thermoregulation property of PCM coated seat cover is also compared with default seatcover, commercially available seat cover and seat cover made without PCMinterlining. PCM coated seat cover has shown tremendous consistency in thermalregulation property ranging from 27.5"C to 2B.7C, when tested atatmospheric temperatures. Thermo regulation of commercially available, defaultseat cover and seat cover without PCM is poor as it shows temperatures nearerto atmospheric temperatures. This work gives a great hope on application ofPCMs in automotive interiors because of its good thermal regulation properties.

Textilesare used in automotive industry for a variety of purposes due to theirfollowing advantages:

  • Light weight
  • Sound efficiency
  • Flexibility & Versatility
  • Easily tailored properties
  • Mouldability & Recyclability
  • Low process & Attractive cost / performance ratio

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About the Authors:

ThilakVadicherla, Parthiban S. & Sasikumar C. are associated with the Departmentof Textile Fashion Technology Bannari Amman Institute of Technology,Sathyamangalam.

This article wasoriginally published in the Textile Review magazine, October, 2012, publishedby Saket Projects Limited, Ahmedabad.

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